Traveling with special needs, what type of special assistance services do you provide?

Spirit Airlines is committed to assisting our guests who require special help. We want your flying experience to be comfortable and enjoyable. To provide advance notice of any needs you may have, you can add them to your reservation through the My Trips section of our website.

Though giving advanced notice is helpful, please be sure to alert our station agents of any disability accommodations you may require. We will do our best to meet your individual needs.

Wheelchair Assistance

Airport assistance

We are happy to provide assistance to our guests who require wheelchair or mobility assistance. Airport wheelchair service is available at all airport locations.

Please note, Spirit Airlines does not offer curbside service at most of our airport locations. To receive curbside wheelchair assistance it is required that a request is made with a Spirit team member inside the terminal.

Aisle Wheelchair

We have specially-designed wheelchairs for our immobile guests to use in reaching their seats when boarding and deplaning our aircraft.

  • If the use of an aisle wheelchair is needed to assist in boarding and transferring to a seat, we recommend requesting this service when making your reservation.
  • Upon arrival at the airport, please also notify a Spirit team member that an aisle wheelchair will be needed to assist with boarding.


 "Meet and Assist"

This service is offered to escort our guests to the gate and from the gate when a wheelchair is not needed. The guest is mobile and able to walk but needs additional assistance. Please speak with our Reservations Center at 801.401.2222 and they will be happy to add this service to your reservation for you. Upon arrival at the airport, please also notify a Spirit team member of your request.

Please note, this service does not provide a Spirit team member to stay with you at all times; however, once escorted to the gate, one of our team members will check on you periodically.


Friend or Family Member Assistance

guests wishing to have a friend or family member assist them to the departure gate or meet at the arrival gate, should note the following:

  • Gate passes are provided at the discretion of each station. They will be issued dependent on the current airport security guidelines. 
  • A gate pass can be provided, but only for someone accompanying an Unaccompanied Minor or for someone requiring special assistance. They will not be provided for any other reason.
  • The drop-off or pick-up party should proceed to our ticket counter to request a pass so they can get through security.
  • Gate passes will only be issued to non-traveling individuals with a Government issued photo ID.


 Boarding Details

 Spirit offers pre-boarding on all of our flights for guests needing assistance.

  •  Please notify a Spirit team member of your request to pre-board at the gate prior to our general boarding announcements. guests must be  present prior to the beginning of boarding to receive this service.