Customer Property Form & Mishandled Bag Information

We’re sorry to hear that you had a mishandled bag and the inconveniences that were caused during your trip.  We’d like to make every effort to earn your future business.  Making a report at the airport of arrival is the first step of the claims process.  Guests will need to initiate the claims process by following the steps below:
  1. Reports should be made with a Spirit employee at the airport of arrival within 4 hours for domestic travel, 7 days for international damage reports, and 21 days for international loss, delayed, and pilferage reports.  Upon making the report, Guests will receive a baggage irregularity receipt or a luggage service report with details about the claims process and a report number.  If a report is not made at the arriving airport in the prescribed time, claims will be denied.
  2. Review and complete the below Customer Property Form in its entirety.  
  3. Save the completed Customer Property Form to your computer.
  4. To submit the baggage claim, visit this site and attach the completed Customer Property Form from your computer and all supporting documents. (
  5. Within 24 hours of receipt of the claim, a Luggage Resolution team member will be in touch with next steps.
Please note: page 1 of Customer Property Form offers detailed instructions on how to complete the form and a list of required documents.
If you have any questions about how to submit the claim, please let us know by submitting an inquiry form at or call 1-877-888-5926 ext. 7004. 
For more information about our limits of liability, please visit: 
For delayed bags within 5 days of travel, please contact your arriving airport. Their phone numbers can be found here. After 5 days of travel, please complete and submit the Customer Property Form for a lost bag.
For damaged bags, a verifiable estimate of repair/cleaning from a local luggage repair shop should be submitted with the claim.  Should the repair shop indicate, in writing, that the luggage cannot be repaired, please submit documented proof of purchase for the non-repairable item valued at $50 USD or more.  (Subject to depreciation)  Please note: Spirit is not responsible for damaged caused by oversized, overweight, or over packed luggage; or for normal wear such as minor cuts, scratches, dents, or soiled luggage.
For damaged strollers and/or car seats, purchase a comparable stroller or car seat retain the original receipt, and mail it in with a completed claim form. Be sure to list the type, model, year purchased, and value of the damaged item. 
For items left on the aircraft or at the terminal, please contact the stations. Their phone numbers can be found here.   Lost items that are recovered are held at the airport for 30 days.
For any additional inquiries, please send a message, here: and a representative will respond within 1 business day.