Top 10 Questions and Answers


  1. Are there any prepayment penalties associated with Pay Monthly


No, there are no prepayment penalties.


  1. Do I have to pay off my loan prior to travelling?

No, you have 11 months to pay off your loan. For example, you could book a trip

a week from now and still be paying on the loan after you return.


  1. How do I change some information on my itinerary?

Please contact your travel provider directly for any booking changes.


  1. How do I cancel my trip?

Please contact your travel provider directly to cancel your trip.


  1. Where is my refund?

Once you have canceled your trip with your travel provider, they will issue

whatever refund is owed to us. When the refund is received by us, we will apply the

amount towards your loan balance. If the refund amount is more than what is owed on

your loan balance, we will issue a refund to your card on file. If the amount is less than

what is owed on your loan balance, you will need to review your Pay Monthly account at in order to view your remaining loan balance.


  1. How do I apply for a Pay Monthly loan?

The Pay Monthly loan application is located in the travel provider’s checkout

page. Once you apply, you will know immediately if you’ve been approved or not. If we

are able to approve you for a loan, you will see the loan terms immediately. If you like

the loan terms that are offered and accept them, you can proceed with completing your



  1. How do I make my loan payments?

Your loan payments are automatically debited from the card you used when you

initially booked your trip.


  1. Can I change the card I make loan payments from?

Yes, you can change the card your payments are debited from by visiting


  1. Can I use the Pay Monthly option if I am not a traveler on the trip?

No, you would have to be a traveler on the trip in order to apply for Pay Monthly.


  1. Can I change the due date on my loan for the duration of the loan?

No, we cannot change your payment due date. We can only delay your payment

on a one time basis within 15 days from your original payment date.