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Lap Children:
From 7 days old until his/her second birthday (age 7 days to 23 months), a child is considered a lap child and does not need a paid seat; however, Guests may opt to buy a seat for the infant if they prefer. There are additional requirements for traveling with a lap child, click here to learn more!
Prefer to purchase a seat for your infant? Not a problem! Click here for additional information on child restraint system guidelines and safety procedures.

Traveling with Strollers and Car Seats:
We will happily check one stroller and one car seat per child for no extra cost. If you are traveling with two children, you are more than welcome to check a double stroller instead. Additionally, you’re welcome to bring an FAA-approved child restraint system (car seat) or an FAA-approved Child Harness Device (CARES) onboard as long as a separate seat has been purchased for the child. For additional information on guidelines and sizing requirements, please click here.

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Traveling with a diaper bag? Guests traveling with children under 2 years old are permitted to bring a diaper bag on board, free of charge, and it will not count toward the 1+1 (one free personal item and one paid carry-on) baggage allowance. The diaper bag must be able to be stowed on board. To confirm your diaper bag is within personal item or carry-on size limits, please click here.


Family Seating:
Don’t care where you sit? Spirit will randomly assign you a seat at check-in for free, but we can't guarantee that you'll get to sit with your friends or family. If Guests with children aged 13 and under do not opt to pre-select seats at the time of booking, our gate agents and Flight Attendants will work to provide adjacent seats when possible. For more information on seating, please click here.

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Children Traveling Alone:
Children (we call them Unaccompanied Minors) of certain ages can travel alone on direct domestic flights (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands). The itinerary must include only direct or through flights with no change of aircraft required. International locations are not included in unaccompanied minor travel. We’ll make sure your young flier is taken care of onboard and offered a snack and drink. There are special requirements for unaccompanied minors, you can learn more about these guidelines here.

To review our current unaccompanied minor charges please click here.

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