Our Just For You Bundle is a customizable bundle, which saves you even more on our À La Smarte® options. The Just For You Bundle includes:

  • 1 Checked or 1 Carry-On Bag
  • Seat Selection
  • Shortcut Boarding

Need even more? Don’t worry, you can add even more extras (like bags) after selecting your bundle. 

Please note, Just For You may not be available in all markets or on all travel dates.


Just For You FAQs:

How do I buy a Just For You Bundle?
Just For You Bundles are currently only available for select routes and can be purchased via when buying your flight. During your booking, a Just For You option will appear after flight selection. Simply choose whether you want to save more with our standard rates or save a lot more with our even deeper discounts for Spirit Saver$ Club® members.

What seat is included in a Just For You Bundle?
Seat inclusion can vary by market and availability. Want more space and extra legroom in a Big Front Seat®? Simply select a Big Front Seat® on the seat map to see the price difference.

Can I add extra bags to a Just For You Bundle?
Yes! You can purchase extra bags after selecting a Just For You Bundle. Simply add additional bags on the “Add Bags Now and Save” page. 

Can I buy Just For You if I am a Spirit Saver$ Club® member?
Yes! If you’re not a Saver$ Club member, join for exclusive access to discounted fares, bags, and options for yourself and up to 8 additional Guests. Sign up today!

I don’t see the Just For You option for a trip I’m booking?
Just For You may not be available on all routes, but don’t worry, you can still add on your extras at great prices as you book your trip!