The Free Spirit Status Match Challenge is an opportunity for you to experience the most valuable benefits of the Free Spirit program. Show your loyalty to Spirit and immediately benefit from your Status levels. If you have elite status with another airline, we will give you the equivalent Free Spirit Status for ninety (90) days – complimentary. Plus, you may earn ongoing Free Spirit Silver or Gold status based on our Free Spirit page.

In three simple steps you could be on your way to enjoying Free Spirit Status.

1. Determine your eligibility 

  • Must meet ALL the following criteria to participate in our Status Match Challenge:
    • You have not received a Status Match or complimentary Free Spirit Status in the past two years.
    • You currently have elite status with a qualifying airline that was earned through that airline’s published requirements (complimentary status or status earned through a promotion does not qualify)
    • Must present an approved proof of membership document confirming your elite status with an airline listed above.
    • Use the Status Comparison chart to see what airline levels are required for the Status Match Challenge.

2. Click here to complete the form and upload your documents.

  • If you met all the criteria listed above, call our Contact Center team at 1-833-728-3359, or fill out the form here to be enrolled in the Status Match Challenge.
  • Make sure you’re ready to begin the challenge before you submit your request as your ninety-day complimentary Status period will begin within 24 hours after you receive the email confirmation of being accepted for a Status Match Challenge.

3. Enjoy the temporary Free Spirit Status by traveling with Spirit and/or spending on the Free Spirit Travel More Mastercard to earn the required Status Qualifying Points to retain the Status membership.


Once approved, you will be granted 90-days of Free Spirit Silver or Gold status based on your current elite membership with another airline. If your request is not approved, you’ll receive an email notifying you of our decision. 

Use the Status Comparison chart to see what airline elite levels are qualified for the Free Spirit Status Match Challenge.



Enjoying your complimentary Free Spirit Status? Extend it by earning the required amount of Free Spirit SQP's during the 90-day complimentary period. 

  • Your account will not be credited with Status Qualification Points (SQP's) equivalent to the normal earning requirement.
  • Our Guest Relations team will place you at the correct Status level based on your selected challenge level.
  • Enjoy full benefits of the Silver or Gold tier during the 90-day challenge period.
  • If you don't qualify at the end of the 90-day period under the terms of the Status Match Challenge, your membership level will be returned to the level it was prior to the challenge period.
  • If you meet the challenge criteria, you will enjoy the benefits of the Silver or Gold program level for the remainder of that calendar year plus the following calendar year
  • If you do not meet the challenge criteria, the Silver or Gold status will be terminated immediately, and you will be returned to the Free Spirit level held prior to the Status Match Challenge.
  • You are allowed one Status Match Challenge every two years.
  • An email will be sent confirming the outcome of the Status Match Challenge