The Bundle It Combo lets you splurge on our most popular À La Smarte® items without maxing your budget.  The Bundle It Combo includes:

  • A checked bag up to 50 lbs (an extra 10 lbs over our standard 40 lbs limit)
  • A carry-on bag
  •  Seat Selection (including Exit Row)*
  • Shortcut Boarding
  • Flight Flex (1 free flight modification up to 24 hours before departure)**


Please note, Bundle It may not be available in all markets or on all travel dates.

*Exit Row seating subject to availability and FAA Safety Regulations.

**Flight Flex modification includes 1 free flight change up to 24 hours before departure (fare difference applies and difference in ancillary cost may apply).  Hotel/car modification charges may also apply based on third-party policies. Flight Flex is not included in the Bundle It Combo for purchases of reservations with a flight less than 24 hours in advance.

Bundle It FAQs:

How do I buy the Bundle It Combo?
The Bundle It Combo is currently only available for select routes and can be purchased via when buying your flight.  During your booking, a Bundle It Combo will appear after flight selection.  Simply choose whether you want to save a lot with our standard rates or save a lot more with our even deeper discounts for Spirit Saver$ Club® members.


I bought Flight Flex as part of the Bundle It Combo, how do I use it?
For a flight-only booking, check out the instructions here.
For a vacation package (including a hotel or car), you’ll need to call our Spirit Vacations team at 877-474-8006.  Remember, your flight won’t have a modification charge but third-party hotel/car modification charges and differences in ancillary costs may apply.


What seat is included in the Bundle It Combo?
Any available seat can be selected as part of the Bundle It Combo (including Exit Row seats), except for the Big Front Seat®. Want more space and extra legroom in a Big Front Seat®? Simply select a Big Front Seat® on the seat map to see the price difference.

Can I buy the Bundle It Combo if I am a Spirit Saver$ Club® member?
Yes! Our Spirit Saver$ Club® members will save even more on the Bundle It Combo. If you’re not a Saver$ Club member, join for exclusive access to discounted fares, bags and options for yourself and up to 8 additional Guests. Sign up today!


I don’t see the Bundle It Combo for a trip I’m booking?
The Bundle It Combo may not be available on all routes, but don’t worry, you can still add on your extras at great prices as you book your trip!