Our BIG FRONT SEATs are larger seats, for those who prefer more space, in the front of the plane. Wider seats with up to 11" of additional legroom compared to our standard Deluxe Leather seats - you'll be flying in comfort when you choose our BIG FRONT SEAT.

BIG FRONT SEATs can be purchased for a charge during or after a booking, based on availability, here at

NOTE: Guests who require a seat belt extension may not occupy any seat equipped with an inflatable seat belt. A seat belt extension may be used in a seat equipped with an inflatable seat belt in order to secure seat baggage (e.g., a musical instrument).

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Rows with inflatable seat belts
AircraftSeat Row
A3191, 4, 5 (D,E,F)
A320 (32A, 32N)1, 3, 12, 13
A321 (32B)1, 3
A321 NEO (32Q)1, 30D