Get ready to Hang Ten!  You can bring your surfboard, snowboards, wakeboards, boogie boards, body boards, and kiteboards) as checked baggage on your next trip.

Snowboards, wakeboards, boogie boards, bodyboards, and kiteboards are charged as a standard checked bag. Remember that items over 50 pounds (22.6 kg) are considered overweight. Save money by traveling light. Snowboards, wakeboards, boogieboards, bodyboards, and kiteboards over 62 linear inches will be classified as surfing equipment and will have a special charge.

Surfboards are accepted for a special charge. If you are bringing a surfboard, make sure to remove or protect your surfboard keels and/or kedges to prevent damage to it and other checked baggage.  To save you more, you can put up to 2 surfboards in a case together for the same price.  Don't worry - overweight and oversized fees do not apply to surfboards due to the special charge; however, we cannot accept bags that weigh more than 100 pounds (45kg).  Additional items packed inside a surfboard case are not considered part of the surfing equipment and additional charges apply.

A limited liability release will need to be signed.

Note: Certain destinations have bag restrictions and surfboards are not accepted on these flights. Click here for complete information on bag restrictions.