What is Shortcut Security™?

Shortcut Security access is available in select airport locations (see below) and gives access to the quickest possible lane to get through the security screening experience.  At some airports, these are expedited queuing lanes - not necessarily dedicated screening lanes. Shortcut Security is available for purchase for individual departures.

How do I purchase Shortcut Security?

Shortcut Security is offered to customers during booking at on the extras page.  Don’t worry; you can always add it to your reservation if you change your mind in My Trips or during Online Check-in.  Shortcut security isn’t offered in all airports.  Shortcut Security has limited availability and may not be available for purchase during certain times – this helps us prevent having too many people in line and slowing it down (which would be a total bummer).

Where Do I Go?

Just head to the security checkpoint - In some airports, Shortcut Security signage will be visible at the security checkpoint entrance, but may also be referred to as "priority," "premium," or "business/first class" lanes at others.  If you have any questions on how to use Shortcut Security, a Spirit Customer Service Agent will be happy to assist. 

What qualifications are necessary to purchase Shortcut Security?

Zip – Zero - Nada (yep, we’ve made it easy!)  Shortcut Security is available for all passengers to purchase.  Just have your standard identification for travel and your boarding pass indicating you’ve purchased Shortcut Security ready and head to the appropriate line at the security checkpoint.

I purchased Shortcut Security but am traveling with friends/family that did not. Can they take advantage of Shortcut Security?

Sorry, only customers who have purchased Shortcut Security are eligible for the benefits. 

Is this TSA PreCheck™?

No, Shortcut Security isn’t TSA PreCheck.  It gives customers the ability to get to security screening using one of the fastest lines available. Customers who have TSA PreCheck have access to special security lanes/privileges not available with Shortcut Security.  Spirit is now participating in the TSA PreCheck program.

Are there guarantees of time savings?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee actual time savings, however, this product is designed to give you the fastest access to security lanes in airports where available.

Where is Shortcut Security currently available?

Shortcut Security is currently available at the following airports:

  • ATL - Atlanta, Georgia
  • BOS - Boston, Massachusetts
  • BWI - Baltimore, Maryland
  • CLE - Cleveland, Ohio
  • DTW - Detroit, Michigan
  • FLL - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • LAS - Las Vegas, Nevada
  • LAX - Los Angeles, California
  • LGA - New York, New York La Guardia
  • MSY - New Orleans, Louisiana
  • OAK - Oakland, California 
  • ORD - Chicago, Illinois
  • PDX - Portland, Oregon
  • PHX - Phoenix, Arizona
  • RSW - Fort Myers, Florida
  • SAN - San Diego, California
  • SJU - San Juan, Puerto Rico