Boost It Combo™

What is the Boost It Combo™?

Our Boost It Combo can save you even more on your next trip. Exclusive to Spirit, Boost It is a lighter version of our popular Bundle It Combo with fewer items for those trips when you don’t need as much.  Boost It includes:

  • A Checked Bag up to 50 lbs (an extra 10 lbs over our standard 40 lbs limit)
  • Seat Selection (Including Exit Row)*
  • Shortcut Boarding (Be among the first to get onboard)

Need even more?  Don’t worry, you can add even more extras (like bags) after selecting the combo.

*Exit Row seating subject to availability and FAA Safety Regulations.

Boost It may not be available for all markets or dates.

**Flight Flex modification includes 1 free flight change up to 24 hours before departure (fare difference applies).  Hotel/car modification charges may still apply based on third party policies. Flight Flex is not included in THRILLS COMBO™ purchases for reservations with a flight less than 24 hours in advance.


How do I buy it?

The Boost It Combo™ is currently only available for select routes and can be purchased via when buying your flight.  During your booking, a Boost It Combo™ popup will appear after flight selection.  Simply choose whether you want to save a lot with our standard rates, or save a lot more with our even deeper discounts for $9 Fare Club members.


I bought Flight Flex™ as part of the Boost It Combo™, how do I use it?

For a flight-only booking, check out the instructions here.

For a vacation package (including a hotel or car), you’ll need to call our Spirit Vacations team at 954-698-0125.  Remember, your flight won’t have a modification charge but third party hotel/car modification charges may apply.


What seat is included in the Combo?

  • Any available seat can be selected as part of the combo price (including Exit Row seats), except for the Big Front Seat. Want to live large and trade up to a Big Front Seat? -  on the seat map you’ll see the difference it’ll cost to pick a Big Front Seat and can choose it right there! A few clicks have never made you so comfy.


Can I buy the Combo if I am a $9 Fare Club member?

  • Yes, in fact we recommend it the most. Our $9 Fare Club members will save even more on the Boost It Combo™.  It’s just one more way we can pass savings on to you with one of the most rewarding travel clubs in the industry.


I’ve already bought my flights, can I add the Boost It Combo™?

  • Bummer – the THRILLS COMBO™ can only be added when you’re choosing your flights at


I don’t see the Boost It Combo™ for a trip I want to take, what gives?

Sorry, at this time the Boost It Combo™ is only available for select routes.