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How can I change or cancel my reservation?

posted this on April 23, 2012 04:00 AM

We know things come up, so we make it as easy as possible to change a reservation.  Our quickest and cheapest option is to visit Manage Travel where you can change or cancel your reservation. If you prefer a more personal touch, you can speak to one of our friendly Customer Service Agents at the airport or call one of our reservation centers; however, these options cost more than our self-service online option.

Some of our customers are eligible for changes or cancellations at no cost.

Reservations made 7 days or more before scheduled departure date.
Reservations made less than 7 days before scheduled departure date.
Modification or Cancellation made within 24 hours of original booking.
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Modification or Cancellation made more than 24 hours after original booking.
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View current prices

When your new fare is less than the original fare, we will provide you with a Future Travel Credit which can be used within 60 days to book any available travel.  If the new flight has a higher fare, you will need to pay the applicable fare difference including any difference in government taxes and fees.


As a benefit to our customers cancelling a reservation online, we will provide you with a $10 per one way (maximum $20) voucher to be applied towards future travel even if the value of the reservation is less than the cancellation charge

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